Our Team

Dr. Linden Stevens
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Dr. Stevens grew up in Orange County, California. He majored in physical education and the health sciences at La Sierra University (formerly know as Loma Linda University, La Sierra Campus). His Devotion to health promotion led to his decision to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a dentist. He attended Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, graduating in 1983.

Dr. Stevens treats those with severe dental cases, as well as, those looking to achieve the million dollar smile. His patients appreciate his perfectionism in restoring function of the their teeth as well as improving the cosmetic aspects of their smiles. He strongly believes that a healthy smile can enhance self-esteem and lead to a more satisfying life. It is truly such a good feeling to change a persons dental fears, and to give a patient the confidence to smile again.

Dr. Stevens has an array of interests and hobbies. on good surf days you will find him riding the waves. When he is not surfing, he is probably playing a round of golf with friends. He enjoys a continuing education trip to Colorado each year which allows him to ski and snowboard during the day and take classes in the evening. Dr Stevens is dedicated to his profession and always looks forward to furthering his education for the benefit of his patients.

Patient / Scheduling Coordinator
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Mindy – who is our New Patient Coordinator, is also a Registered Dental Assistant. It is important to her that every new and existing patient feel at ease, and comfortable in our practice. Mindy, graduated from Cypress College, with an Associate of Science degree, and enjoys furthering her education. With over 15 years experience, Mindy’s knowledge empowers her to assist patients in receiving the best possible care. Mindy lives in the area and is active in community events. Mindy and her husband Daryl enjoy spending time with their sons Justin and Brandon. Mindy loves to scrapbook and go shopping with her friends in her free time. During the summer you will find her relaxing on the beach with friends.