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Oral Health And Whole Body Health Are Closely Linked

THERE ARE MORE BACTERIA IN YOUR MOUTH RIGHT THIS MINUTE than there are people on this planet. Thoughtful dental health is about SO much more than avoiding cavities. Preventative dental care is essential to an overall healthy lifestyle. Mouth Bacteria Can Spread To Other Parts Of Our Bodies Neglecting one’s oral health can have very […]

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Wear (and maintain) Your Mouthguard!

LET’S TALK ABOUT TWO THINGS. First, the importance of wearing a mouthguard if you (or someone you care for) is involved in just about any type of sport. And second, the importance of maintaining that mouthguard. Mouthguards provide far more value than simply protecting teeth. They also help prevent head injuries. How? Mouthguards act as […]

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Dental Implants Look, Feel, And Function Like Real Teeth

IF YOU’RE MISSING A TOOTH, OR SEVERAL TEETH, we want you to know there are remarkable replacement options. One reliable, natural looking option to consider is dental implants. Dental implants are artificial tooth “roots”—usually made of titanium—that are placed in your jawbone and covered by a natural looking tooth replacement. Implants Can Improve Your Appearance […]

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How To Love Every Photo Taken Of You

SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST LUCKY! They seem to look fantastic in every photograph! Naturally photogenic. For the rest of us… Well, sometimes we just don’t know what to do (or what to think about) when the camera comes out. Here are some great tips: 1. Try Smiling With Your Eyes Too This can be the […]

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Our Team Is Ready For Halloween! Tell Us About YOUR Plans!

THERE ARE A LOT OF HALLOWEEN TRADITIONS. One favorite is wearing costumes! Yes, around here, the adult dental team still loves playing dress up on Halloween! Don’t you? We Asked Our Team Members… Do you have a favorite Halloween memory? Here Are Our Team’s Answers: Mindy I use to love going to our school carnival…bob […]

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